Always on the Move

Ted Christopher is the prototype for the modern racer-equally comfortable at the racetrack or in a corporate setting. Ted's racing record speaks for itself. He has competed successfully in virtually every type of racecar imaginable, from a go-kart to a Winston Cup car, on a variety of racetracks from the quarter-mile bullrings to the high-banked superspeedways to the road courses. His feats are fast becoming part of New England's rich racing lore. His record in the open wheel Modifieds is approaching legend status. Ted Christopher is one of the most successful racers of his time.

But TC is also a throwback to the golden age of racing. A typical week during the season will find Christopher competing in from three to five races in several different cars. He lives to race. If it has four wheels and a motor he will drive it-and more than likely win. Ted's busy racing schedule has him crisscrossing the East Coast from February to December. His obsession with speed and will-to-win at any cost make him a fan favorite wherever he races.